What Booqla can do for you

With Booqla Publishing systems you can seamlessly integrate a self publishing service into your existing business online allowing your users to convert and publish their books. The Booqla brand nor watermark is not visible to the users.

By incorporating the Booqla tool you can increase the size of your client base and the volume of published books, thus strengthening the brand with a full scale power of a built-in publishing tool, still allowing you to focus on your editorial work and, as a bonus, marketing your extra services to your self publishing clients. These marketing services could be proofreading, cover design, more complex layouts and author biographies

With "Booqla Publishing Management System" your clients can easily convert their manuscripts from Microsoft Word, for example, and get it as an ebook in three different formats (Epub, Mobi and Fb2). They will also get it as a printable PDF a format which works both for the US and the international market.

When Booqla is integrated on a host website it is so seamless that boundary of the front system ends (clients system) and Booqla is invisible. We have made it possible to alter the layout so that it completely adapts to the design of the client’s system.

Partnership Introductory Offer

We offer to as first step convert a few of their books for free for them to evaluate the service and as step 2 they send us the files which we convert. If they are satisfied with our service we can as step 3 integrate booqla into their system / website for a full scale service in their name. 


To avoid the payment book by book we offer a subscription method which is based on the amount of books that the client estimates to Have published. It is on 6 months basis, prepayment is made. Payment book by book can be made but then the price is considerabely higher per book.


The publisher can expand the business targeting minority languages such as Arabic and Persian. Our system supports any language in the world and all reading directions (Right to left) or (Left to right)

Advantages with Booqla

Import of script takes about 2 minutes including pictures and footnotes. No matter the amount of pages.Once a script is imported it stays in the archive allowing account owner to edit and download the book wherever the person is in the world, with the help of any unit with internetUser can handle unlimited amount of publishing companies and authors in the systemSimple code ensuring that books published works on all readersPreview files consisting of two chapters are automatically provided in all formatsPossibility of selling ebooks created on our system on clients own site and social media. Booqla provides the techincal solution